Cyber Security
Cyber Health
In FY22 REDD Partnered with CCIQ to deliver the Cyber Health program across Queensland in alignment with cyber security best practices published by the Australian Cyber Security Centre.
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Technology is driving every aspect of our world
Are you completely confident with your current IT provider? Are your risks being managed effectively? Do you want peace of mind through an independent, agnostic assesment that your Digital strategy and IT environment is aligned with your organisations performance and risk profile?
Are you looking for an independent assessment of your IT environment? Does the board or the executive require independent assurance that your organisations IT environment is optimised to meet the organisations performance and risk requirements? REDD can provide an independent assessment of your IT environment and digital strategy.
Ironpoint - Infrastructure as a service

Blurb about Ironpoint

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Storepoint - Backup and Disaster Recovery

Storepoint provides a cost effective solution for customers to back up their data. At REDD we want you to back up everything all of the time and not break the bank doing it. Time and time again we see clients either relying on or assuming that first party cloud providers and SaaS cloud hosted software applications are backing up there data – this is not the case. Your organisation must have independent backups that are accessible and restorable without significant disruption to your business. 

Case Study - CPA GPU Farm

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