Cyber Security Services
Cyber threat in Australia over the past 12 months has significantly increased. There have been small and large organisations that have been breached resulting in significant pain.
REDD has invested in highly skilled resources, both internally and using industry best partners, to ensure you receive the best possible security aligned to your specific needs.
REDD Managed Security
As the above image describes, cyber security is evolving past Anti Virus, Firewalls and spam filters, although these are still critical.
REDD takes cyber threats, your business and your data seriously!
REDD Managed Security Services
Separate to this, businesses need some level of threat detection & response watching their data 24x7, Detecting, Responding, Recovering, Identifying and Protecting. To help mitigate cyber risk, we have launched three levels of threat detection across our Managed Security Services divisions.
24x7 security monitoring by SOC (Security Operations Center), Customised Alerting, Customised security monthly and quarterly reporting, Incident Response team with guided remediation & Root cause analysis, Threat hunting, plus a 90 day log retention
Managed Detection & Response
Continuous vulnerability scanning, Comprehensive risk profiling, Proactive notifications and alerts, Actionable monthly reporting, Monthly Internal, External & host-based Vulnerability Scans
Managed Risk
Fully Managed Cyber Awareness Program, Employee friction free user experience & Positive education and reinforcement, Ongoing Microlearning, 24x7 Account takeover monitoring, Integrated phishing simulations, Performance Analytics
Managed Security Awareness
REDD Security Operations Framework
Above outlines REDD's Security Operations Framework
Sample Report
See above example one page executive security report we provide you each month
REDD provides Penetration Testing to help ensure your systems and environment has identified holes to enable swift remediation BEFORE a cyber breach could occur.
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