Digital Advisory Services
REDD is your most complete Technology Success Partner
Our Digital Advisory team assists organisations with their Digital and IT Strategy initiatives. This includes assistance around prioritising and sequencing of projects, leveraging digital and IT skills, capabilities and infrastructure to support your corporate strategy, along with the overall governance and management.
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Technology is driving every aspect of our world
With a Net Promoter Score (NPS) exceeding 88/100, you are guaranteed true human-2-human trust and support
REDD’s value proposition revolves around ensuring our customers have all the correct technology in place to enable them to achieve more, supported by a professional team available 24/7, who always stand behind the platforms, technologies and services consumed
REDD's team provides you with the skills and capabilities to professionally support all your technology needs

Typically, businesses have several providers they have to engage with in order to complete their entire technology lifecycle. These include providers for cloud, software, internet, telephony, printing, business intelligence, software development, tech support, etc. REDD takes this pain away for a customer, with them only having to turn to REDD in order to deliver the complete end-to-end execution they demand.

REDD’s team specialise in executing what you need to make this a reality, including Digital Strategy, Digital Governance, Digital Transformation, Data Insights and Analytics, the Microsoft Power Platform – including deep skillsets in PowerApps, Power Automate and PowerBI. Furthermore, for more specialist offerings such as Microsoft Azure Dev Ops, Microsoft Light House and Sentinel, we have the team and capabilities to execute these business technology needs.