Tackling Cybersecurity Threats Head-On with Isaac Nicol: Tools, Tactics, and Triumphs

Posted on April 26, 2023 in Cyber Security

Get ready for REDD’s Business & Tech Podcast, Episode 025: ” Tackling Cybersecurity Threats Head-On with Isaac Nicol: Tools, Tactics, and Triumphs

Join hosts Jackson Barnes and Brad Ferris as they welcome back their first returning guest, Isaac Nicol, from Epic Assist. In this engaging episode, they discuss the latest updates in the world of IT, cybersecurity, and non-profit compliance over the past six months.

Dive into the conversation about GPT-4 and its potential applications in policies, processes, and procedures. Explore the challenges faced by non-profit organisations in the ever-evolving IT and cybersecurity landscape, including audit requirements and ISO 27001 updates.

Learn about the importance of post-incident response recovery plans and how to regain trust and credibility after a breach. Listen in as Isaac shares his insights on creating a cyber-conscious culture within an organisation, dealing with shadow IT, and ensuring the right tools and systems are in place.

Discover practical advice for IT managers and CIOs on navigating internal and external cyber risks, as well as the importance of third-party reviews and trust-building within IT teams.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and stay updated on the latest trends in business technology and cybersecurity! Tune in now.

Recorded Wednesday, the 29th of March 2023

00:00 – Opener

00:20 – Intro

00:43 – Isaac Intro

00:58 – IT in Queensland for the past 6 months

02:01 – Using ChatGPT for policies and procedures

02:49 – Security Audits

03:04 – Not-for-Profit IT

04:14 – Post instant response recovery plan

05:00 – Problem with the incidents – Incident Response

05:47 – Strategy post-incident

06:21 – Confirm that breach with all of your customers

06:34 – Examine the evidence

07:57 – Problems with post-incident

09:38 – Prevent future breaches

10:44 – EDR

11:35 – Top 3 Security Management Tactics

11:48 – Access Control

13:01 – Access Management

14:03 – Access Management in 2023

16:01 – Training Awareness

17:58 – What is running a successful similar phishing campaign look like?

19:52 – Positive Cybersecurity Culture

21:33 – Management teams becoming more cyber conscious

22:56 – Risk Mitigation

23:53 – People see security as an insurance

24:51 – Advice to create a cyberculture

25:05 – The security team should stand separately

27:07 – DESI Scheme

30:25 – What businesses or organizations get regulated by DESI scheme?

31:37 – Discovery

31:58 – Clear desk policy

33:44 – What is important to the organization?

35:18 – How do you get the most out of the internal IT team?

37:01 – People don’t leave organizations, they leave managers

37:31 – End

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