Managed Technology
Fully Managed Technology Service
REDDs fully managed technology service includes everything from end user help desk support, end point monitoring and security, regular maintenance, documentation, network monitoring, user onboarding and off-boarding, procurement, computer builds and deployment, monthly reporting, customer portal and dashboards, customer success manager and an assigned Virtual IT Manager
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Technology is driving every aspect of our world
Are you completely confident with your current IT provider? Are your risks being managed effectively? Do you want peace of mind through an independent, agnostic assesment that your Digital strategy and IT environment is aligned with your organisations performance and risk profile?
Are you looking for an independent assessment of your IT environment? Does the board or the executive require independent assurance that your organisations IT environment is optimised to meet the organisations performance and risk requirements? REDD can provide an independent assessment of your IT environment and digital strategy.
Backups - Reporting, Monitoring and Testing

Backups – Reporting, Monitoring and Testing

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Antivirus - Desktop and Servers

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