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Data Insights in Realtime in all your employees hadns
Technology moves at a rapid pace. Our CDO as a Service offering is a tailored retainer type engagement to provide the executive and the board digital advice
Are you looking for an independent assessment of your IT environment? Does the board or the executive require independent assurance that your organisations IT environment is optimised to meet the organisations performance and risk requirements? REDD can provide an independent assessment of your IT environment and digital strategy.

REDD-One is a data insights service that helps you build a high-performance culture within your team, by presenting the right data to your team members, to any screen, anytime, anywhere. [rest of the page to have R1 marketing deck inserted]

  1. See live data.
  2. Tracking performance against KPI’s.
  3. Analysing why results are not being met.
  4. Data doesn’t lie.
  5. Making the covert overt.
  6. Building a High Performing culture.
  7. Automate tasks to save time & money.
  8. Empower your board with accurate live data.
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