Running a successful Not for Profit & Digital Transformation with Sara Harrup

Posted on March 8, 2023 in Not for Profit

In Episode 020 of REDD’s Business and Technology Podcast, our hosts Jackson Barnes (Head of Business Development – REDD) and Brad Ferris (CEO – REDD) interview Sara Harrup who is currently CEO of Foodbank Queensland, Chair of The Executive Connection (TEC), Non-Executive Director of HealthCare Insurance & an executive coach on the side.

We cover her story of going from a nurse to executive and beyond, plus the secret sauce of running a successful Not for Profit organisation and large-scale Digital Transformation project. Digital transformation isn’t to save time. Sara shares her experience of increasing customer experience by going digital.

If your business is looking to go through a rapid digital transformation project or wants to use your data better, reach out to REDD here!

If this episode gave you the urge to give back, see how you can donate to the fantastic work Sara and team are doing at Foodbank Queensland here.

Recorded Tuesday, the 28th of February 2023

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