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Loud, bright and full of passion – Two Queens collide for Episode 002

Posted on March 24, 2023 in eMpowered

Welcome to eMpowered! In this episode, IT Queen Sonja Bernhardt OAM reflects back on the peaks and struggles of her journey. Embracing her uniqueness, being unapologetically herself and charging forward to be a voice on behalf of many are some of the commendable stories you will enjoy and hear unpacked in this episode.

The first woman in Queensland to be awarded an OAM – How lucky we are to have Sonja in our community and to love her and call her a friend!

It was an absolute honour to have such an incredible person in the studio and the joy and appreciation can be felt and heard throughout! No doubt you will enjoy this poddie!

Stay tuned for the series of Empowered there are amazing guests on their way!

Recorded Thursday, 19th of December 2022

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