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#ITNation Connect 2022 – Orlando Florida

Posted on November 24, 2022 in Strategy & Governance

As the doors close on #itnation and the fog clears, it is time for a bit of reflection.

On a personal note, I underestimated how big this beast was… I came thinking I would beat jetlag in 24 hrs, network with 100’s of people, record podcasts, attend every session, attend all the social events and parties, be able to work at night, and in my spare time hit up the theme parks in Orlando. Yeah – a bit optimistic!

While I obviously didn’t achieve everything on my list, the time I spent and the people that I did spend time with was all quality! I was reminded again that you can have all the teams/ zoom calls you want. But if you really want to get to know people there’s no better way than in person. Even better if there is a party involved!

On a serious note, it was fantastic that REDD is right across all the 4 key industry focus areas and key themes at the conference.

1. Relentless Automation – Our special ops team’s focus is to improve our business and business processes through automation to allow us to serve our customers faster, more effectively and to a higher standard. Automation does now and will continue to play a critical role in both our and our client’s future success.

2. Put Data to Work for You – Through our internal Power BI and Power Platform specialists and our partnerships I am blown away by the quality and quantity of data and insights that I have at my fingertips about our entire business. This is an area that we continue to focus on both internally and for our clients.

3. Exceptional Customer Experience – To the best of my knowledge REDD is the only #TSP in QLD with a dedicated executive role for #Customer Experience. Customer Experience is everything and there is never a day goes by when we are not working to improve the experience all of our clients have when interacting with us.

4. Focus on Cyber Security – As we have all seen lately in Australia, cyber security is more critical than it has ever been. Last month REDD formally launched our Managed Security services in partnership with @ Arctic Wolf. I couldn’t be happier with our partner. They are global leaders in the cyber security space, and we couldn’t be more aligned in our vision and culture. Some of the case studies and stories I have heard over the last week around SMB cyber breaches are both shocking and heartbreaking. I would implore all businesses to please review your cyber security posture. This is not the time to be complacent.

For those that I did get to meet for the first time or first time in person, it made the trek from Oz all worthwhile…


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