At REDD we’re focused on insights because we know it’s your ability to see issues and potential with clarity that makes the difference between success and lagging behind.

Digital Advisory

At REDD we provide insights other business technology consultants can’t, because we look at things in ways others don’t. We believe you can’t fix problems using the same thinking that creates them.

Staying competitive is all about the people you surround yourself with and the support you choose.

Our team have commercial real-world business experience, with most having run their own business at some stage, thus we know your pains and ensure that technology is applied to elevate your business higher.

With commercial and technology experience that spans over 25 years in Australia, the team behind REDD has earned the respect of the most discerning clients because we set our standards higher than those our clients set for us.

It’s that attitude that sees us act proactively, to offset future issues and mobilise the very latest advances as they come to market.

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With REDD you can:

  • Streamline and optimise your licensing arrangements
  • Leverage the best public cloud platforms
  • Benefit from the world wide resources and global insights
  • Find support via REDD’s local helpdesk
  • Access independent, agnostic advice
  • Minimise intensive manual labour with process automation solutions
  • Collaborate with design, deployment, transformation and training personnel
  • Monitor any and all devices for security and performance.

"We were looking for a partner who had our best interests at heart and would provide agnostic professional advice."

Kim Vojacek Owner of Cottee Parker Architects