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REDD update “20 by 25”

Posted on October 24, 2022 in Strategy & Governance

Company update from REDD

Since REDD’s inception in 2016, we have been focused on making organisations truly successful with technology.

Today we are recognised as a leading Technology Success Partner, supporting hundreds of organisations where we continue to successfully deliver what we set out to achieve from day one.

Today we launch our “20 by 25” strategy focused on supporting hundreds more customers. As a result we are changing things up to double down on growth in our customer experience, employee experience, platforms, marketing, and ultimately partnerships.

Implementation of the new strategy will see a change in leadership at #REDD with Nigel Heyn focusing on growth, taking the lead on marketing, sales, partnerships, and a longer-term plan around acquisitions.

In turn Brad Ferris will take over as CEO from Nigel Heyn and will lead the team with a resolute focus on delivering our “20 by 25” strategy in order to help make REDD the Technology Success Partner of choice in Australia.

This is an exciting time for #REDD, as we help Australian organisations be their best through the ideal unification of people + technology success.

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