Managed IT Services.

REDD’s Managed IT Services, commonly referred to as Managed Services Provider (MSP), has been developed with more than a quarter century experience and exposure working across more than 400 businesses over this period.

REDD’s Managed IT Services puts your business first, ahead of any technology, to ensure your most valuable asset (your business) continues to operate, remain successful and deliver your stakeholder dreams.

With technology touching every aspect of your business, it is imperative that you have a provider that can offer the following, which we provide as REDD’s essential 9:

  1. Predictability – you don’t like excess costs and non-budgeted surprises.
  2. Uptime – you don’t want downtime of your computer systems.
  3. Performance – you don’t like things operating slow and your staff complaining.
  4. Support – you don’t want to talk to someone who you cannot understand.
  5. Exposure – you don’t want to be left exposed by incompetent technicians leaving security holes exposed.
  6. Wastage – you don’t like paying for things you do not use, e.g., paying for licenses when you are not using them.
  7. Up-to-date – you want agonistic advice to ensure their firm remains up to date with the right technology, so you do not fall behind the competition.
  8. Partnerships – you seek comfort to express concerns / opportunities without being charged per minute, like a typical lawyer/accountant.
  9. Knowledge – you want your technology partner to know what your business does and therefore what it holistically needs.

Yet typically most IT providers end up delivering a ‘poor’ experience to their client, which often looks like this:

  1. MSP doesn’t keep up with their client’s growth – hence the client outgrows the MSP.
  2. MSP isn’t agnostic and tries to sell items to the client because they achieve a higher commission OR it is the only product they know and are certified in.
  3. MSP doesn’t proactively manage items effectively, then problems for the client appear, and the MSP ends up chasing their tail in a reactive manner which causes negative pain for the client and their staff.
  4. MSP isn’t seen as a strategic knowledge source for growth and problem solving solutions.
  5. MSP isn’t respected at the board level and is more seen as a cost centre vendor rather than a partner for true success.

REDD will form an invaluable part of your team and your plans for a digitally progressive future. REDD provides you with:

  • 25+ years of best practice experience in tech support, from break/fix to Managed Services and today being your Trusted Business Technology Partner.
  • Included with our HeartBeat platform, you receive proactive Microsoft (Office) 365 licensing optimisation every month to ensure you only pay for what you use.
  • We strongly foster Microsoft Teams in your organization, from design, deployment and training to help promote next-generation workplace collaboration.
  • Providing you access to REDD’s extensive Transformation Team ranging from software engineers to data scientists, productivity specialists, field technicians and business-technology centric chartered accountants.
  • Leverages the best Cloud platforms including QLD’s leading Private Cloud across several data centres plus public cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure.
  • Deploy REDD’s HeartBeat platform to give you peace of mind over your core technology assets including Cyber Security Governance, Source Code Control & Password Management.
  • Bringing together distributed operations and technical resources from across the globe – we have consulting teams and offshore staff in Asia, Europe and USA.
  • Provide agnostic advice to ensure your organisation is using solutions that are the right fit for you.

REDD’s digital insights team have the experience and resources needed to bring your issues and opportunities in to clear focus.