Software Development.

When it comes to developing an application platform, there’s an industry best practice way, and a very costly and time-consuming ‘ad-hoc’ way. At REDD we enforce the former with a tried and tested, proven four step process, designed to reduce risk and maximise transparency to deliver the outcome you require.

Inception, Discovery & Design Thinking
Like any journey, reaching a destination starts with heading in the right direction. The first step in our software development process focusses on Initial Design Thinking.

A series of workshops is used to identify and formalise these requirements, in an interactive and user-driven way, focused on frictionless customer experiences.

Prototype (MVP) Development
By focusing on the most critical features of the system (e.g., high-complexity, must-have, or success-dependent aspects), this phase focuses on de-risking the technical complexity of your solution implementation.
The final output of this phase will provide the solution’s functional and technical foundation, and in doing so asserts the viability and feasibility of your final product.

Full Implementation
This phase “builds-out” the system features, adding more complete functionality and “should-have” features.

This phase focuses on the final activities required to get your solution into a live, commercially functional environment.

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With REDD you can:

  • Leverage the best public Cloud platforms
  • Benefit from world wide resources and global insights
  • Find support via REDD’s local Helpdesk
  • Access independent, agnostic advice
  • Minimise intensive manual labour with process automation solutions
  • Collaborate with design, deployment, transformation and training personnel
  • Monitor any and all devices for security and performance.