Reporting and Analytics.

With a focus on insights, REDD’s Business Analytics Service forms the backbone of our discovery processes.

Ensuring our clients have the most suitable and cost effective business analytics solution starts with gaining a full understanding of what data your organisation needs (and doesn’t), what purpose that data serves, and which licensing arrangements best facilitate those needs and objectives.

Our focus on insights also promotes the use of data driven visual metrics. Designed to add tangible value these reports inform the development and deployment of tailored digital strategies.

Business intelligence platforms can seamlessly connect hundreds of disparate data sources, perform complex calculations, and display reports on a single dashboard accessible on any device or platform.

The quality of any organisations strategic and tactical decision making directly correlates with the quality of the information those decisions are based upon.

It’s here that REDD’s advanced analytical tools and methods for understanding data drive meaningful (invaluable) insights and change.

In short, we believe that truly informed decisions regarding operations, profitability and employee well-being, demand properly interrogated and interpreted intelligence.

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With REDD you can:

  • Leverage the best public Cloud platforms
  • Benefit from world wide resources and global insights
  • Find support via REDD’s local Helpdesk
  • Access independent, agnostic advice
  • Minimise intensive manual labour with process automation solutions
  • Collaborate with design, deployment, transformation and training personnel
  • Monitor any and all devices for security and performance.