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Oct 12, 2023
Business Development Representative
We're hiring a new Business Development Representative in Brisbane, Queensland. As a Business Development Representative at REDD, you're not just another salesperson. You’re an explorer on the frontlines, paving the way for us to become Queensland’s most trusted Technology Success Partner.

🚀 Journey with REDD: Australia’s Leading Edge in Tech 🚀

Are you a go-getter, someone who thrives in a fast-paced, collaborative environment? Are you ready to catapult your sales career into the futuristic realm of technology? If you have an unyielding drive to succeed and are hungry for unmatched growth opportunities, we’ve been waiting for you.

🔍 Your Role at the Forefront of Queensland’s Tech Revolution

As a Business Development Representative at REDD, you’re not just another salesperson. You’re an explorer on the frontlines, paving the way for us to become Queensland’s most trusted Technology Success Partner. You’ll spearhead our quest for new horizons by:

  • Delving deep into potential client ecosystems to pinpoint decision-makers.
  • Skilfully weaving through phone, email, and social platforms, introducing REDD’s transformative services, and orchestrating pivotal meetings.
  • Integrating your findings and strategies with our elite growth team, ensuring we’re always ten steps ahead.


  • Growth: Dive into Queensland’s rapid tech expansion with REDD – where potential meets opportunity.
  • Evolution: From Business Development Manager to Account Executive to Marketing, navigate diverse career avenues across REDD’s triad – Managed Technology, Cyber Security & Digital Advisory.
  • Empowerment: We believe in you. That’s why we’ll equip you with top-notch training, innovative systems, and strategies that set you apart.
  • Our Culture : Our culture resonates, and is enviable. At REDD, we’re more than just a tech hub; we’re a thriving high performing team with a camaraderie culture. We’ve fostered an environment where every team member eagerly steps in, not just to work, but to connect, collaborate, and create. Every morning at REDD promises more than tasks; it promises laughs, shared visions, and collective triumphs. Unwind and brainstorm alike in our breakout games area. Whether it’s a quick game of pool, arcade fun, or an air hockey challenge, it’s all here to ignite creativity and camaraderie.


🌟 What We Seek in Our Next Star Player 🌟

  • Initiative: A proactive mindset backed by 1-2 years of sales experience (B2B roles like ISR, Account Manager, Customer Success).
  • Tech-Savviness: A budding understanding of business technology. Proficiency in Microsoft Suite and prior exposure to CRM tools is a bonus.
  • Charisma: Impeccable communication skills infused with a pinch of personality.
  • Precision: A meticulous nature, ensuring every data entry and task captures the essence of excellence.

Your Day-to-Day Journey: Key Responsibilities & KPIs

1. Lead the Charge in New Business Identification: Dive deep, researching potential clients and zeroing in on the decision-makers.

2. Prospect with Passion: Show your prowess through:

  • a. Email: business emails monthly
  • b. Phone: new business calls daily, along with strategic follow-ups.
  • c. Social Media: Connect with and personalise messages to suspects monthly aligning with REDD’s Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

In this role, you will utilise diverse channels including and not limited to phone, email, and social media—to engage, foster relationships and advance interactions with businesses in need of REDD’s Technology, Cyber, and Digital services

3. Precision is Key: Your data entries in CRM, Sales Outreach, and Timesheets will form the backbone of our analytics. Accuracy and punctuality are paramount.

4. Craft the Blueprint of Success: Work alongside our growth squad to innovate outreach and business development tactics.

5. Stay Ahead of the Curve: With a relentless drive, adapt and fine-tune your strategies, embracing continuous improvement in sales techniques.

6. Be the Team’s North Star: Collaborate, engage, and inspire, ensuring our collective mission aligns with the best outcome for both clients and REDD.


  • We value your skills & experiences more than formal degrees.


  • Earning Potential: On Target Earnings of $100,000+. We believe in rewarding excellence.

📩 Join Us on This Exciting Odyssey!

If you envision yourself as a tech industry maven and relish the thrill of new challenges, we can’t wait to embark on this journey with you. Submit your resume, accompanied by a cover letter that unveils your story, your achievements, and why you’re the perfect co-pilot for us at REDD.

Elevate your career. Amplify our mission. Let’s redefine the future, together.

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REDD is a Technology Success Partner, focused on helping businesses achieve more with technology. We help SME’s, NFP’s and Government organisations across Australia and New Zealand with professional IT and co-managed technology solutions.

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