Unparalleled Clarity.

At REDD we’re focused on insights because we know it’s your ability to see issues and potential with clarity that makes the difference between success and lagging behind.

Managed IT Services

REDD’s Managed IT Services, commonly referred to as Managed Services Provider (MSP), has been developed with more than a quarter century experience and exposure working across more than 400 businesses over this period.
REDD’s Managed IT Services puts your business first, ahead of any technology, to ensure your most valuable asset (your business) continues to operate, remain successful and deliver your stakeholder dreams.
With technology touching every aspect of your business, it is imperative that you have a provider that can offer the following, which we provide as REDD’s essential 9: predictiability, uptime, performance, support, exposure, wastage, up to date, partnerships and knowledge.

Digital Advisory Service

  • Your REDD Digital Officer (CDO) manages transformation of traditional operations by integrating technology into a functional and affordable digital framework.
  • REDD’s end-to-end Process Automation Solutions replace intensive manual input (such as duplication of data entry) with an automated solution designed to drive growth and efficiencies.
  • REDD’s Technology Review works in the background providing expert analysis your BrightREDD Focus Questionaire responses.
  • REDD’s Custom Software Development team create bespoke software packages specifically focused on your current and future needs.

With REDD you can:

  • Streamline and optimise your licensing arrangements

  • Leverage the best public Cloud platforms

  • Benefit from world wide resources and global insights

  • Find support via REDD’s local Helpdesk

  • Access independent, agnostic advice

  • Minimise intensive manual labour with process automation solutions

  • Collaborate with design, deployment, transformation and training personnel

  • Monitor any and all devices for security and performance.